Global Leaders Program

Global Private Equity program providing bothbuyout & venturecapital exposure

Potentum Partners’ Global Leaders Program seeks to invest into relationships and opportunities that we believe can earn a premium over public market alternatives across North America, Europe and Asia.

Global Leaders Strategy
Global Leaders Co-Investment Strategy
Single Opportunity Investment Vehicles
Emerging Leaders
Global Access Strategy

Global Leaders Strategy

The Global Leaders strategy was developed to democratise access to exceptional global private equity managers that our investors would be unable to reach on their own and to do so at very low cost.

The Global Leaders strategy provides core diversified global alternatives exposure by enabling a focused portfolio at scale. It is suitable for sophisticated and wholesale investors that are looking for a holistic unlisted strategy with exposure to the full suite of venture, growth and buyout opportunities. By leveraging Potentum’s long term relationships, our clients invest into high ‘alpha’ unlisted opportunities that can earn a significant premium over public market alternatives.

Diversifying portfolios is becoming essential in building resilience and to achieve market leading private equity returns, investors need to identify, access and build relationships with the best private equity managers.

Using the experience of our Founding Partners, we have developed new methodologies for separating those managers driving returns using skill from those managers that are lucky with timing or cleverly using leverage in a rising market.  The processes we have developed are highly qualitative, with a strong focus on culture and organisational factors, which are important given the long timeframes that private equity funds run for.

Global Leaders
Co-Investment Strategy

The Global Leaders Co-Investment strategy represents an opportunity for smaller investors to co-invest in individual deals alongside Potentum's manager set.

The Co-Investment strategy is invested in annual vehicles that seek to invest in eight to twelve companies per fund. It is typically offered on a fee and carry free basis (at the underlying level), making it a very affordable option for accessing co-investment private equity.

Single Opportunity
Investment Vehicles

Special purpose vehicles allow our clients to invest in a single fund or deal. Our SPVs provide pure option value to our clients, allowing them to execute on their individual mandates by increasing or diversifying their exposure across different sectors, geographies and stages.

Emerging Leaders Strategy

Emerging Leaders strategy is a highly concentrated “fund of funds” solution that backs up-and-coming global private equity managers at a very low cost. While the mandate for this fund is global, we expect the majority of the investments in this fund to come from India and South-East Asia, two of the strongest growth regions in the world today. The managers and strategies accessed by the Fund are less tenured than those in the Global Leaders Fund but show the potential to be a global leader in the future.

Emerging Leaders strategy allows investors to gain exposure to a concentrated yet diverse portfolio of emerging private equity funds without having to select and invest in individual funds themselves. This helps to mitigate risk and can lead to more stable returns. Our strategy seeks to unlock alpha by selectively allocating capital to very highly skilled managers that have the ability to generate outsized returns driven by skill, in excess of other factors such as sector-weighting, leverage, macro-tailwinds and even luck, but lack the experience to demonstrate consistent outperformance through market cycles.

Global Access Strategy

The Global Access strategy has been designed to create a more liquid and accessible way to invest into global private equity than that provided by your typical closed-end fund. As an open-ended vehicle, it is expected to be accessible to new investors on a quarterly basis, which may also provide opportunities for exiting investors to cash out, if required. By focusing on investments in both direct and fund secondaries (and refraining from investing in more competitive portfolio secondaries and continuation funds), the Global Access strategy is expected to generate liquidity over shorter time periods than more traditional fund structures. Investors will be able to designate to either receive these proceeds in cash or reinvest the proceeds back into new units.

The GLF Program hasstrong alignmentwith investors


.Our fees are structured to ensure that we are aligned with our investors. The management fee on all of our solutions ‘switches off’ once the initial commitment (including fees and expenses) has been returned. Investors only pay performance fees after the investment reaches 1.0x DPI.

In the Returns Game not Asset Gathering

Potentum’s revenue is driven by performance and not management fees. We are incentivised to actively manage our client portfolios.

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Alignment and incentives, active management and partnership is how we think about our business.

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