About Potentum Partners

Potentum Partners is an established and credible team of experienced private equity investors that built a market leading program for Australia’s sovereign wealth fund over a 10 year period.

We also recognise that some institutions are constrained in the strategies and sectors they can pursue. Potentum Partners can extend the reach of the in-house team into areas that they would otherwise be unable to invest in.

We limit client numbers to enable concentration, sufficient allocation and alignment. Potentum Partners aims to provide its clients with a low-cost offering in a highly aligned manner.

Potentum Partners’ business plan and economics are designed to create extreme alignment with outcomes for our clients.

We understand the value of relationships in the delivery of outperformance. We offer an outsourced private equity investment solution, focused on helping large family offices, pension funds, insurance companies and sovereign investors build bespoke, concentrated and high-performance portfolios of private equity funds, secondaries and co-investments.

Potentum Partners believes responsible investing is a source of long-term value AND aligns us with the expectations of our clients and the broader objectives of society.



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