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We believe environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues can affect the performance of investments.  We recognise that considering these issues may better align us with the expectations of our clients and the broader objectives of society.

Our goal is to manage ESG risks and identify ESG opportunities.  Potentum Partners has a disciplined process that integrates ESG issues into our investment decision-making.  Consistent with our investment strategy, this process focuses on culture and organisational factors, including high standards of ethics and business practices.

While there are many important ESG issues to consider, we have identified the key issues affecting Potentum Partners and our clients.  Our approach is governed by our ESG Policy, which we share with our clients.


We engage with the investment community to develop ESG initiatives and stay informed of the latest developments in responsible investment.

Potentum Partners have signed the internationally recognised and UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (“Principles”). In signing the Principles, we as investors publicly commit to adopt and implement them, where consistent with our fiduciary responsibilities.

As a PRI signatory, we will report on our responsible investment activity under the PRI Assessment Report.


Potentum Partners seeks to become carbon neutral by working with an external specialist to measure our carbon footprint, offset the emissions our operations produce, as well as identify ways we can reduce these emissions.

Our ongoing commitment to being carbon neutral includes our participation in Climate Active, the Australian Government recognised carbon neutral certification program. As a member of Climate Active, we will report our emissions output and offset by supporting certified carbon credit projects, with a published public disclosure summary available on the Climate Active website. We are currently underway with this process and expect to reach carbon neutrality from 2020.

The carbon credit projects we have selected to support this year are the Savanna Burning for Greenhouse Gas Abatement in the Tiwi Islands, NT, Australia and a Solar Photovoltaic Power project in Gujarat, India. To read more about these projects and the associated social, cultural and economic benefits they provide, please click here.

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